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Why Use Partner Visa Online

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Why Use Partner Visa Online

There are many reasons why you should use . Here are a few of the main ones which makes us truly different to other Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers.


Immigration Lawyers and not just Migration Agents
Partner Visas are not only complex in regards to immigration law but they also cross over to many different areas of Australian law such as Family Law, Wills and Estates as well as Criminal Law. For example, registering your de-facto relationship can place any existing assets which you may have at risk should your relationship break down.

As lawyers, our team can work with you to provide Immigration advice which takes into consideration issues of family law, wills and estate law as well as criminal law. Should we need to, will even arrange to have one of our associated parties to provide in depth legal advice in these areas should you require it.

*Note: works with McClintok Lawyers and all legal advice and services is provided through McClintok Lawyers.

Our Competitive Prices

Our Competitive Prices
Because we only provide advice on Partner Visas our prices are significantly cheaper than most.

Competitors Price Our Standard Partner Visa Fixed price YOU SAVE
$3999+GST $2300+GST $1700!

Our fixed price service

Our fixed price service services are offered on a fixed price basis*. This means, our clients do not have to pay additional charges for things such as telephone calls, administration or other disbursements. With our prices being up to 40% cheaper than other providers, our clients gain the benefit of working with our qualified Immigration lawyers at prices which most others cannot compete with.

*Standard Partner Visas have a fixed professional fee of $2300 + GST. Complex Partner Visas, Partner Visas which include issues relating to health, character, not having a valid visa, dependency issues, sponsorship issues, public interest criteria issues or other complex issues, will incur an additional fixed fee of $1000 + GST. This fee is also fixed.
*The fees do not include any fees which are payable to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or any other authorities.

Our risk share guarantee

Our risk share guarantee
We believe in our service and our capacity to quality advice. Our risk share guarantee gives our clients further peace of mind. Should you utilise our Partner Visa full application service for a standard Partner Visa application* and your application is not successful then will refund 25% of the standard professional fees which you have paid. This way, our team of Immigration lawyers works even harder to make sure your Partner Visa application is successful.

*A Standard Partner Visa is not a Complex Partner Visa (Partner Visa which involves issues such as character, health, not having a valid visa, sponsorship issues, public interest issues or other complex issues)

Our range of Partner Visa services

Our range of Partner Visa services
We understand that some of our clients prefer to prepare their own Partner Visa and have someone review it. We also understand that some of our clients prefer the peace of mind of having someone prepare their Partner Visa Application from start to finish.

Our services give you a range of options which are not available elsewhere. Our Partner Visa Guide provides an example of a full Partner Visa Application along with tips, guidance notes and explanations of key areas of the law, for those individuals who just need to see an example application.

Our Partner Visa Review Service gives our clients who want to prepare their Partner Visa themselves with the peace of mind of having an Immigration lawyer reviews it prior to lodgement. This service is up to 80% cheaper than having another provider prepare your Partner Visa for you!

Our Partner Visa Full Application Service gives our clients the benefit of working with a designated Immigration Lawyer to prepare their Partner Visa Application from start to finish. This provides our clients with the best result as our team of Immigration lawyers prepare the Partner Visa Application based on the unique characteristics of our client’s relationships.

Our Partner Visa Appeal Service gives our clients a second chance should their application be refused or cancelled.

Flexibility for our clients

Before work, after work or on the weekends – Advice at a time convenient to you! understands that not everyone can speak to an Immigration lawyer in standard business hours. That is why we provide our clients with the capacity to speak to their designated immigration lawyer at a mutually convenient time. This can be the weekend or before or after standard business hours!

Our Referral Program

Partner Visa Referral Program
The referral program is our way of saying thank you to our existing clients who refer clients who utilise the Partner Visa Full Application service. Contact us for more information about our referral program.

We focus on Partner Visas
PARTNER VISAS ONLY focuses on Partner Visas. By doing this, we are able to provide our clients with a quality service at a price which cannot be matched by most of our competitors.

Don’t have your Partner Visa Refused.

Speak to one of our highly qualified Immigration Lawyers today. We help take the guess work out of your application...

Partner Visa Online Videos is the leading online Immigration Partner Visa Service for Australia.
Please take your time and view our videos for more information on deciding your next step, otherwise please call us today on 02 9238 425.

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